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Room thermostat, heating/cooling, surface-mounted, 24V AC/V DC, output 0…10V/10…0V, 2-pipe

Room thermostat, heating/cooling, surface-mounted, 24V AC/V DC, output 0…10V/10…0V, 2-pipe

Electronic surface-mounted climate controller for controlling heating and cooling in mixing chambers in hotels, residential properties and business premises. For controlling permanent valve actuators or air valves. The factory preset “zero point” of approx. 21…°C can be adjusted by +/- 5K in the device. The adjustment knob can be used to adjust the set temperature within the range +/- 3K of the set zero point.
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  • Art.-Nr.: DA450000

    Technical data

    number of outputs1
    number of outputs, heating1
    number of outputs, cooling1
    actual temperature displayNo
    temperature controller versionclimate controller
    output signal0 – 10 V or 10 – 0 V
    external settingYes
    operationrotary knob
    operating voltage24 V AC / 50 Hz, 24 V DC
    designBerlin 2000
    ECO function (reduction)No
    electric connectionscrew terminals
    electronic controlYes
    with explosion protectionNo
    RAL colour number (similar)9010
    sensor elementNTC internal
    bearing temperature, upper value70°C
    bearing temperature, lower value-20°C
    maximum air humidity (non-condensing)95% r.H
    housing materialplastic ABS
    maximum switching current5 mA
    mechanical range reductionYes
    mediumair, not aggressive
    mounting / attachmentsurface mounting
    surface propertiesmatt
    control range, upper value30°C
    control range, lower value5°C
    heating control functionYes
    cooling control functionYes
    switching difference0 K, as controlled almost constantly
    switching difference, can be adjustedNo
    switching elementelectronics with analogue output signal
    Off / comfort / ECO switchNo
    On / Off switchNo
    heating / cooling switchNo
    additional heating switchNo
    switch/lamp night-time reductionNo
    switching contactzero-contact
    potential free switching contactNo
    type of protectionIP30
    protection classIII
    sensor externalNo
    Safety and EMCin accordance with DIN EN 60730
    scaledegrees Celsius
    thermal feedbackNo
    ambient temperature, upper value50°C
    ambient temperature, lower value0°C
    degree of contamination2
    assemblycomplete device
    Circuit diagram Circuit diagram




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