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Technical information

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To ensure the safe manufacture and use of our products, we comply with certain statutory EU directives and standards. You can consult these here.


Safety regulations
When handling products, it is important to observe the applicable EU regulations and especially the installation and assembly instructions from the instructions for use.

Notes on technical data

We determined the technical data provided in an inspection and test environment suited to this task (we are happy to provide details on request) and this data only presents the agreed properties on this basis. The purchaser / customer is responsible for checking the suitability of the use or usage intended by the purchaser / customer under the specific conditions of use; we do not accept any liability for this. We reserve the right to amendments.

Changes to products and documentation in the sense of technical progress and continuous improvement may occur at any time and may differ from those given in the catalogue. There is no liability for possible misprints.
A reproduction of this document, even excerpts thereof, is not permitted without the approval of ALRE-IT Regeltechnik GmbH, Berlin.
The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.

This price list is applicable as of 01/01/2024. On this date all previous price lists are no longer valid. Subject to modifications.

General information

RoHs: From 01.07.2013, the CE symbol confirms that the labelled products satisfy the requirements of the RoHS 2011/65/Eu and (EU) 2015/863 Directives.

REACH: ALRE-IT Regeltechnik only sells non-chemical products (commodities), which do not release any substances when used under normal and reasonably foreseeable conditions. Products from ALRE-IT Regeltechnik GmbH and their packaging observe the limit values permitted for the materials of the candidate list stated in the Regulation (EC) No. 1907/2006 (“REACH”) and any related published changes (regulations).

WEEE: ALRE-IT Regeltechnik is registered as a manufacturer in accordance with §3 Paragraph 9 of the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act and is registered with the National Register for Waste Electric Equipment under registration number DE 58457361. All the products manufactured by

ALRE-IT Regeltechnik, which fall within the scope of the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act, meet the necessary statutory requirements and therefore ensure the correct collection, storage, recycling and environmentally-safe disposal of used equipment.

Product testing
Information on our declaration of conformity and the different product tests can be found here on our website.



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If you have any questions about our products,

Please contact an electrician, plumber or heating installer you know and trust, or drop us a note.

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