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BACnet room controller, flush-mounted, 230V AC, cover 50x50mm, pure white, gloss

BACnet room controller, flush-mounted, 230V AC, cover 50x50mm, pure white, gloss

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  • Art.-Nr.: UA230002

    Technical data

    connection cross-section0,75-2,5mm² (Netz), 0,08–1,5mm²
    number of outputs3
    number of control ranges2
    display typeilluminated, graphic display
    output signalswitching (230 V AC, 50 Hz), 0-10 V
    operationtouch-sensitive buttons
    operating voltage230 V AC / 50 Hz
    other bus systemsBACnet
    designBerlin UP
    electric connectionscrewed plug-in terminals
    RAL colour number (similar)9010
    sensor elementNTC internal, optional NTC external
    bearing temperature, upper value70°C
    bearing temperature, lower value-20°C
    maximum air humidity (non-condensing)95% r.H
    Manual setpoint adjustmentYes
    housing materialplastic ABS, PC, PMMA
    maximum switching voltage230 V AC, 50 Hz
    maximum switching current3 (0.5) A
    mediumair, not aggressive
    minimum switching voltage230 V AC / 50 Hz
    with bus connectionYes
    with protection against theft/dismantlingNo
    with displayYes
    with LED displayNo
    with on-site operationYes
    mounting / attachmentflush mounting (deep socket recommended)
    surface propertiesgloss
    surface protectionuntreated
    parallel operation possibleYes
    control range, upper value40°C
    control range, lower value5°C
    heating control functionYes
    cooling control functionYes
    switching difference< 1 K
    switching element2 relays
    switching contact2 normally open contacts
    potential free switching contactNo
    switching power690 W
    type of protectionIP30
    protection classII, following appropriate mounting
    Safety and EMCin accordance with DIN EN 60730
    ambient temperature, upper value40°C
    ambient temperature, lower value0°C
    degree of contamination2
    material qualityThermoplast
    assemblybasic device with cover
    Circuit diagram Circuit diagram



    Info sheet

    Assembly instructions

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