Wireless heating actuator for mounting in heating circuit distributor, 8-channel, IP20

Wireless heating actuator for mounting in heating circuit distributor, 8-channel, IP20

8-Channel wireless temperature actuator for mounting in heating circuit distributor. max. 4 valve actuators / channel can be connected directly, including pump module, one time zone possible per channel, master-slave operation, calculation of average value with up to 8 measuring points. The upper part can be taken off to train the wireless sensors in the individual rooms. An optional commercially available 9V battery is needed for this. The channel selection button and training button allow the rooms (b@home) and/or sensors to be trained with great ease.
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  • Art.-Nr.: BA120800

    Technical data

    number of outputs8
    number of control ranges1
    output signalswitching
    operationinternal setpoint adjuster
    operating voltage230 V AC / 50 Hz
    electric connectionscrewed plug-in terminals
    colourupper part transp., lower part anthracite
    switching differenceapprox. 0.5 K (delta T max. 4 K/h)
    bearing temperature, upper value70°C
    bearing temperature, lower value-20°C
    housing materialplastic ABS
    maximum switching voltage230 V AC, 50 Hz
    maximum switching current3 (1) A
    mounting / attachmentwall mounting
    surface propertiesmatt
    switching difference, can be adjustedNein
    control range, upper value30°C
    control range, lower value5°C
    heating control functionJa
    switching elementrelay
    switching contactnormally open contact
    switching power345 WAC, 24 WDC
    type of protectionIP20
    protection classI
    EMC safetyin accordance with DIN EN 60730
    ambient temperature, upper value50°C
    ambient temperature, lower value-10°C
    maximum air humidity (non-condensing)95% r.H
    KNX bus systemNein
    KNX-wireless bus systemNein
    wireless bus bus systemNein
    LON bus systemNein
    Powernet bus systemNein
    other bus systemsother
    wireless bidirectionalNein
    with bus connectionJa
    removable bus moduleJa
    variable constantNein
    variable switchingJa
    valve protection functionJa
    manual shiftNein
    number of binary inputsNein
    suitable for dimmerNein
    suitable for pulse buttonNein
    suitable for shutter switchNein
    suitable for blind switchNein
    suitable for blind/shutter switchNein
    suitable for switchNein
    in housingJa
    in pipe base cabinetNein
    as module/boardJa
    inching modeJa
    with wireless hand-held transmitterNein
    with wireless coding deviceNein
    with wireless pushbuttonNein
    number of relays9
    material qualityThermoplast
    surface protectionpainted
    RAL colour number (similar)7035
    NEMA type of protectionother
    output voltage230V
    number of channels/zone8
    cooling control functionNein
    with timerNein
    with additional contactJa
    connection cross-section0.12mm² to 2.5mm²
    Circuit diagramBA120800 Circuit diagram



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