Room thermostat, surface-mounted, 5…30…°C, 24V AC, two-way contact, ECO function, internal setting

Room thermostat, surface-mounted, 5…30…°C, 24V AC, two-way contact, ECO function, internal setting

Electro-mechanical room thermostat in surface-mounted housing for controlling and monitoring temperatures in offices, residential properties and hotels. The controller has an internal setpoint adjustment. This makes it ideal for installation in administrative buildings, banks, schools, nurseries, museums and similar buildings where unauthorised people are to be prevented from adjusting the setpoint. Thermal feedback is used to obtain a very accurate switching difference. The setting range can be adjusted using the range reducer located under the adjustment knob. Connecting the ECO terminal with 24 V AC (e.g. using clock controller or time switch clock) leads to an approx. 4K lower adjusted temperature. The device is surface or wall mounted (4-hole attachment to flush-mounted socket).
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  • Art.-Nr.: MA012100

    Technical data

    connection cross-section0.12mm² to 2.5mm²
    number of outputs2
    number of outputs, heating1
    number of outputs, cooling1
    heating displayNein
    temperature controller versionroom thermostat
    output signalswitching (24 V AC, 50 Hz)
    external settingNein
    operationinnenliegender Sollwertsteller
    operating voltage24 VAC / 50 Hz
    designBerlin 2000
    maximum power consumption< 0.5W
    ECO input (reduction)24 V AC, 50 Hz
    ECO function (reduction)Ja
    ECO temperature reductionapprox. 4 K
    electric connectionSchraubklemmen
    electronic controlNein
    energy efficiency classI
    with explosion protectionNein
    colourpure white
    RAL colour number (similar)9010
    sensor elementbimetal
    internal settingJa
    bearing temperature, upper value70°C
    bearing temperature, lower value-20°C
    maximum air humidity (non-condensing)95% r.H
    housing materialplastic ABS
    maximum switching voltage24 V AC, 50 Hz
    maximum switching current1 (1) A
    mechanical range reductionJa
    mediumair, not aggressive
    minimum switching voltage24 V AC / 50 Hz
    mounting / attachmentAufputz
    surface propertiesmatt
    test mark approvalCE
    control range, upper value30°C
    control range, lower value5°C
    heating control functionJa
    cooling control functionJa
    control behaviour2-point
    switching differenceapprox. 0.5 K (delta T max. 4 K/h)
    switching elementbimetal contact
    On / Off switchNein
    heating / cooling switchNein
    switching contacttwo-way contact
    potential free switching contactNein
    switching power24 W
    type of protectionIP30
    protection classIII
    EMC safetyin accordance with DIN EN 60730
    scaledegrees Celsius
    thermal feedbackJa
    ambient temperature, upper value30°C
    ambient temperature, lower value0°C
    type of wiringsonstige
    Circuit diagramMA012100 Circuit diagram



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