Frost protection thermostat, 3m, IP40, hysteresis 1.5K, STW, internal setting

Frost protection thermostat, 3m, IP40, hysteresis 1.5K, STW, internal setting

Colour: anthracite grey (similar to RAL 7016), transparent front, sensor material: Cu, max. sensor temperature: 120 …°C, max. head temperature: 80 …°C, permissible air humidity: max. 95 % r. H. non-condensing, operating voltage: none, max. switching current: NC contact: 16 (2.5) A at 230 V AC + 10 %, 0.25 A at 230 V DC + 10 %, STW contact: 6.3 (2.5) A at 230 V AC + 10 %, 0.25 A at 230 V DC + 10 %, min. switching current: at 24 V (AC / DC) min. 100 mA, max. switching current: 230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz, 230 V DC, min. switching current: 24 V AC / 50 Hz, 24 V DC, switching element: Microswitch, switching contact: Two-way contact, potential-free, control range: … 10 … + 15 …°C, electric connection: Push-in terminal, mounting / attachment: Wall mounting, controller housing must be installed in such a way that the ambient temperature is at least 2K higher than the setpoint. Protection class: I (including switching head and Cu capillary up to 4000 mm), safety and EMC: according to DIN EN 60730 (VDE 0631), sensor: liquid-filled capillary tube, active along its entire length, general features: Degrees Celsius scale, 3m, IP40, hysteresis 1.5K, STW, internal setting
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  • Art.-Nr.: KA020402

    Technical data

    suitable as monitorJa
    suitable as 2-point controllerNein
    suitable as cut-outNein
    process temperature80°C
    control range, upper value15°C
    control range, lower value-10°C
    switching difference1.5 K
    device versionsurface-mounted unit
    medium temperature (EF007506)120°C
    sensor elementcapillary tube
    number of NO contacts0
    number of NC contacts0
    number of two-way contacts1
    electric connectionPush in Klemme
    type of protectionIP40
    electronic versionNein
    with explosion protectionNein
    number of outputs1
    number of control ranges1
    output signalswitching
    external settingNein
    operating voltagekeine
    setting range, upper value15°C
    setting range, lower value-10°C
    colouranthr. grey (RAL7016), front side transp.
    function type (systems engineering)STW
    bearing temperature, upper value80°C
    bearing temperature, lower value-30°C
    max. sensor temperature120°C
    maximum switching voltage230 V AC 50 / 60 Hz, 230 V DC
    maximum switching currentNC con.: 16 (2.5) A; NO con.: 6.3 (2.5) A
    mediumair, not aggressive
    minimum switching voltage24 V AC / 50 Hz, 24 V DC
    minimum switching currentat 24 V (AC/DC) min. 100 mA
    mounting / attachmentWandmontage
    potential free switching contactJa
    heating or cooling control functionJa
    switching elementmicroswitch
    switching contacttwo-way contact
    protection classI
    EMC safetyin accordance with DIN EN 60730
    scaledegrees Celsius
    ambient temperature, upper value120°C
    ambient temperature, lower value-30°C
    maximum air humidity (non-condensing)95% r.H
    switching difference, can be adjustedNein
    contact interlockingNein
    can be read offJa
    with displayNein
    length of supply line3m
    external temperature compensatedNein
    medium temperature up to (EF007369)120°C
    medium temperature (EF007369)-30°C
    internal settingJa
    max. operating pressure80°C
    external resetNein
    Circuit diagramKA020402 Circuit diagram


    JZ-05/1MC1809462Individual mounting bracket (metal) for frost protection thermostat JTF / RTKSAAccessories
    JZ-05/6KC1809536Mounting brackets (plastic) for frost protection thermostat JTF / RTKSA, 6 pcs.Accessories
    JZ-05/6MC1809474Mounting brackets (metal) for frost protection thermostat JTF/RTKSA, 6 pcs.Accessories

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