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Control cabinet thermostats – Heating / Cooling electronic, for the triggering of Peltier elements and fans, 24 VDC

Control cabinet thermostats – Heating / Cooling electronic, for the triggering of Peltier elements and fans, 24 VDC

This temperature controller has been specially devised for the triggering of Peltier modules and fans that are usually applied in connection with the conditioning of the air in switch cabinets.
The KTRRN is equipped with two control ranges, i.e. one each for the function “heating” and “cooling”. The selection of the “heating” switch point takes place in the lower section of the setting range, while the one of the “cooling” switch point is effected in the upper section of the range. The setting ranges are separated by a span that is equivalent to10K. A neutral zone of at least 10K is thus created.
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  • Art.-Nr.: DA460002

    Technical data

    connection cross-section0,5 mm² – 2,5 mm²
    number of outputs2
    number of control ranges1
    output signalswitching (24 V DC)
    external settingYes
    operationrotary knob
    operating voltage24 V DC
    average power consumption1W
    electric connectionscrew terminals
    RAL colour number (similar)7035
    sensor elementNTC internal, optional NTC external
    bearing temperature, upper value70°C
    bearing temperature, lower value-10°C
    maximum air humidity (non-condensing)95% r.H
    housing materialplastic ABS
    maximum switching voltage24 V DC
    maximum switching current16 А
    mediumair, not aggressive
    minimum switching voltage24 V DC
    mounting / attachmenton supporting rails (35 mm), EN 60715
    surface propertiesmatt
    control range, upper value50°C
    control range, lower value0°C
    heating control functionYes
    cooling control functionYes
    switching differenceapprox. 1 K
    switching elementrelay
    switching contacttwo-way contact
    switching power3680 W
    type of protectionIP20
    protection classIII
    Safety and EMCin accordance with DIN EN 60730
    scaledegrees Celsius
    ambient temperature, upper value55°C
    ambient temperature, lower value-10°C
    Circuit diagram Circuit diagram



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