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BACnet room controller


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New BACnet room controller

The alre BACnet room controller KTRBUu with graphic display and operating interface is both attractive and intuitive and has proven itself over the years in other product ranges from alre. The controller can be used in various sectors, such as hotels, apartments, offices and business premises as well as hospitals and schools.
The unit communicates using BACnet with the network protocol BACnet MS/TP. The room controller is therefore compatible with all common building automation systems. The controller has a “B-AAC” BACnet profile (BACnet Advanced Application Controller).

Benefits for you:

  • Room control unit with controller function (B-AAC)
  • Flush-mounted integration in all common switch ranges (50 mm / 55 mm / 60 mm)
  • Investment and start-up deliver savings
  • No extra gateways needed (BACnet MS/TP)
  • Reduction in installation and operating costs
  • Application can be selected for various user applications

Technical highlights and features:

  • Internal temperature sensor
  • Connectible external temperature sensor
  • Connectible external dew point sensor
  • MS/ TP interface
  • 0-10 V EC fan coil
  • I / O mix integrated in the device

BTL certificate

The BACnet room controller was awarded the BTL certificate for compliance with the BACnet standard ISO 16484-5, which was proven by means of a BTL conformity test.


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