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EN PIT-69731

Electronic dew point monitor with standard rail mounting for detecting and reporting the dew point. If the dew point sensor (TPS 1, 2, 3) is installed correctly, it prevents condensation from dripping from the cooled parts of the cooling circuit. For this purpose, a dew point sensor located at a suitable point on the cooling circuit is evaluated and a potential-free changeover contact is switched over in the event of condensation. This contact can be used for direct interruption of the cooling or for indirect interruption of the cooling by signaling to a building management system. If the optimal installation location cannot be clearly determined, it is possible to connect up to 5 dew point sensors in parallel to the controller. The activated function „Cooling interruption by dew point triggering“ is indicated by a red lamp on the unit. The switching point is fixed at approx. 98% RH.

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