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EN PIT-69678

Wireless temperature controllers (actuators), in conjunction with alre wireless room temperature sensors, implement individual room climate control. The actuators can also be connected directly to the sensors without a b@home gate and thus implement individual room control. Functions: Heating, cooling with adjustable neutral zone; H / K changeover locally or via external contact; On / Off switching via contact with frost protection function; Individual channels can be excluded from cooling mode; Cooling interruption in the event of condensation formation via dew point sensor or contact; Cooling limit 18 °C; Energy-saving function centrally via external timer or centrally or locally via master-slave function. central or local via master-slave operation, (max. 4 / 8 time zones possible, i.e. up to 4 / 8 sensors with a clock can be connected); status display of the radio connection for each channel, automatic emergency operation in case of loss of connection; the top section can be removed for teaching-in the radio sensors/channels in the individual rooms. During this time, the power supply is ensured by a standard 9 V block battery. The channel selection button and a teach-in button make it very easy to teach in the sensors. Mounting: 4 screws for wall mounting are included in the standard scope of delivery – a JZ-24 magnetic mounting set for easy mounting in the heating circuit distribution cabinet is available as an option.

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