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EN PIT-69673

Electro-thermal valve actuators for heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning technology. The actuator is very space-saving due to its compact design. The tapered design, especially in the mounting area of the nut, makes installation easy to handle. The fastening cable is not located in the area of the fastening nut. This reduces the likelihood of contact with devices carrying heating water. Since the fastening nut allows the valve to be screwed continuously onto the thread, in contrast to bayonet and snap couplings, the valve can be opened in a de-energized state by turning the nut back by two to three thread turns.
Leaking water is drained off via a drainage system. A special design has made it possible to dispense with seals.
The current valve position is displayed at 2 positions (top and side).
Due to their fastening of M 30 x 1.5 and their characteristic (normally closed), the actuators are suitable for the following valve and distributor brands, among others: Beulco, Empur, Heimeier, Kamo, Oventrop, Purmo, SBK, SKV, Strawa, Taconova, Watts.

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