Art.-No.: G9270020

Differential pressure transducer, adjustable 0...10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA, 10000 Pa, 7500 Pa, 5000 Pa, 2500 Pa relative pressure


Technical Data:

Dimensions of housing:86 x 40 x 56 mm
Number of outputs:1
Output signal:continuous, adjustable 0...10 V, 0...20 mA, 4...20 mA
Configuration:Time constant: approx. 10ms, 2s, 4s switchable
Operating voltage:15...30 VDC, 15...30 VAC
Pressure connection:d x L: 6,6 x 10 mm (for flexible hosepipes d = 6 mm)
Electrical connection:Screw-type terminals up to 1,5 mm²
Colour of housing:grey
Sensor:piezo-resistive pressure sensor
Sensor wire extendable up to:depending on the cross-section of the conductor and the evaluation unit
Accuracy:Linearity: +/- 2% FS Influence of supply: < 0,05% Influence of position: 0,1% at 3000 Pa, 0,3% at 1500 Pa, 0,9% at 500 Pa, 1,8% at 250 Pa Temperature drift: Offset and range +/- 0,12% FS/K each Long-term stability : +/- 2% FS/year
Weight:ca. 200
Hysteresis:+/- 2% FS
Cable gland:M 12 x 1,5
Storage temperature:-10...+70 °C
Material of housing:Plastic
Material of parts coming in contact with the medium:Ni, PU, Al, Au, Pyrex glass, silicone, Kovar, Duraplast, Ultem Plasic
max. pressure:5-fold measurement range end value (relative pressure)
max. measurement current:approx. 20 mA
Medium:Gas, non-aggressive
Measurement ranges:10000 Pa, 7500 Pa, 5000 Pa, 2500 Pa relative pressure
Installation/fastening:Wall mounting
Surface quality:matt
Degree of protection:IP 54
Protection class:III
Safety and EMC:according to DIN EN 60730
Ambient temperature up to:50
Ambient temperature from:10
Accessories:Cover with LC display for displaying the measurement value: JZ-27 single channel connection: JZ-01 L Channel connection set: JZ-06/1 For suitable microprocessor controller JDU-210, see the Industrial Technology chapter.
Permissible atmospheric humidity:max. 80% rel. humidity, non-condensing
Ciruit Diagram: