Art.-No.: G9150020

Industrial integrated channel temperature sensor, nominal length 50 mm, PT1000 class B, 2-conductor


Technical Data:

Fitting length:65 mm
Electrical connection:Screw-type terminals 0,14 mm² to 2,5 mm² only at safety extra-low voltage max. 30VAC / 42VDC, 2-conductor
Colour of housing:silver-grey
Sensor:PTC internal
Sensor wire extendable up to:depending on the cross-section of the conductor and the sensor type
Sensor type:PT-1000
Storage temperature:-30...+100 °C
Material of housing:Aluminium
Material of sensor tube:V2A (1.4301)
max. sensor temperature:150
max. measurement current:< 1 mA
Installation/fastening:in immersion sleeve (THMs, THV) for fluids or with mounting flange (MF) in air channels
Surface quality:matt
Degree of protection:IP 43
Protection class:III
Sensor characteristic curves:The sensor characteristic curves can be found under Miscellaneous
Safety and EMC:according to DIN EN 60730
Immersion sleeves:from the fitting length (EL), subtract 15 mm to determine the nominal length (NL) of the immersion sleeve, for example, EL = 65 mm corresponds to THV/50
Tolerance:DIN EN 60751 B
Ambient temperature up to:100
Ambient temperature from:-30
Accessories:Mounting flange for installation in air channels: MF suitable immersion sleeves, brass: THMs can be found under Miscellaneous suitable immersion sleeves, special steel (V4A): THV can be found under Miscellaneous
Permissible atmospheric humidity:max. 95% r.h., non-condensing
Ciruit Diagram: