Art.-No.: SA140016

Raumtemperaturfühler, AP, NTC 2K, "Fühler 8"

Temperature measurement in living spaces and office spaces. Assembly and wiring of the lower part can take place separately, surface-mounted or on a switch socket Ø 60 mm by means of socket screws.

Technical Data:

Dimensions of housing:78 x 13,9 x 78,5 mm
Dimensions of packaging:80 x 20 x 85 mm
Design:Berlin 1000
Electrical connection:Schraubklemmen 0,33 mm² bis 1,5 mm² nur an Sicherheitskleinspannung max. 30VAC / 42VDC
Colour of housing:reinweiß, ähnlich RAL 9010
Sensor:NTC intern
Sensor wire extendable up to:50 m
Sensor type:NTC 2K, "Fühler 8"
Weight:ca. 100
Storage temperature:-20...+70 °C
Material of housing:Kunststoff ABS
max. measurement current:< 1 mA
Installation/fastening:Aufputz- / Wandmontage (4-Loch-Befestigung auf UP-Dose)
Surface quality:glänzend
Degree of protection:IP 30
Protection class:III
Sensor characteristic curves:Sensorkennlinien finden Sie unter Sonstiges
Safety and EMC:gemäß DIN EN 60730
Ambient temperature up to:50
Ambient temperature from:-10
Permissible atmospheric humidity:max. 95% r. H., nicht kondensierend
Ciruit Diagram: