Art.-No.: MA700400

Electronic climate controller with Triac ultra-thin, AP, 5...30°C, pure white like RAL 9010, 24VAC, 15W

This controller was specifically designed for heating/cooling regulation of 2-pipe systems used in hotels, homes and offices and can control up to 5 valve actuators (normally closed).

The KTRTB’s internal sensor measures the room temperature and activates heating or cooling depending on the deviation from the configured setpoint temperature. As the switching element used is a triac rather than a relay or bimetal, the system operates without bothersome switching sounds.

Technical Data:

Dimensions of housing:78 x 13,9 x 78,5 mm
Dimensions of packaging:80 x 20 x 85 mm
Number of outputs:1
Number, control range:1
Output signal:switching PWM (24 VAC, 50 Hz)
External setting:yes
Rated impulse voltage:4000 V
Operating mode off with frost protection monitoring:yes
Operating voltage:24 VAC, 50 Hz
Design:Berlin 1000
Eco function:yes
ECO contact:optionally configurable as ECO- or OFF function
setting range to:30
setting range from:5
Electrical connection:Screw-type terminals 0.5 mm² to 1.5 mm²
Colour of housing:pure white, like RAL 9010
Sensor:NTC, internal
Weight:approx. 70 g
Heating cooling:yes
Output, heating/cooling:yes
Hysteresis:0 K, since control is practically continuous
Chilled ceiling:yes
Storage temperature:-20...+70 °C
Material of housing:ABS plastic
max. power consumption:< 0,8 W
max. switching voltage:24 VAC, 50 Hz
max. switching current:625 mA
mechanical range setting:yes
Medium:Air, not aggressive
min. switching voltage:24 VAC, 50 Hz
Installation/fastening:Surface-/wall-mounting (4-hole assembly on flush-mounted socket)
Surface quality:glossy
Proportional range:approx. 1 K
Control range up to:30
Control range from:5
Control function:Heating or cooling
Switching element:Triac
Switching contact:Break contact
Switching power:15 W
Degree of protection:IP 30
Protection class:III, protective low voltage
Safety and EMC:according to DIN EN 60730
Scale - degrees Celsius:yes
Ambient temperature up to:40
Ambient temperature from:0
Degree of fouling:2
Accessories:suitable valve actuators: ZBOOA-040.100
Permissible atmospheric humidity:max. 95% r.h., non-condensing
Ciruit Diagram: