Art.-No.: MA010500

Raumtemperaturregler, mechanisch, AP, 5...30°C, Absenkung, Schalter "Absenkung/Heizen/Absenkung über externe Schaltuhr", Lampe "Absenkung", Wechsler, 230VAC, 10(4)A Heizen, 5(2)A Kühlen, reinweiß ähnlich RAL 9010

Control or monitoring of temperatures in closed spaces. Suitable for all heating systems.

Valve actuator: normally closed. If normally open heating valves are available, they should be placed at the cooling output of the changeover switch (toggler).

Up to a maximum of 10 actuators for valves can be connected (normally closed, NC); with a toggler, on the NO contact, up to 5 units (in this context, please check the switching capacity listed in the technical specifications).

Installation note: Owing to the existing wiring space in the controller itself, installation on a flush-mounted socket is recommended, but it can also be performed on a plane, non-conducting substrate.

Explanations of technical terms can be found in the annexe to the product catalogue or at

Technical Data:

Dimensions of housing:78,3 x 25,5 x 83,4 mm
Dimensions of packaging:85 x 35 x 85 mm
Number of outputs:2
Number, control range:1
Output signal:Heizen, schaltend (230 VAC, 50 Hz)
Output signal:Kühlen, schaltend (230 VAC, 50 Hz)
External setting:yes
Operating voltage:230 VAC, 50 Hz
Design:Berlin 2000
average power consumption:< 0,5 W
Eco function:yes
Input of temperature reduction:ca. 4 K (230 VAC, 50 Hz)
setting range to:30
setting range from:5
Electrical connection:Schraubklemmen 0,12 mm² bis 2,5 mm²
Colour of housing:reinweiß, ähnlich RAL 9010
Weight:ca. 100 g
Output, heating:yes
Hysteresis:ca. 0,5 K bei einer Temperaturänderung von max. 4 K / h
Output, cooling:yes
Storage temperature:-20...+70 °C
Material of housing:Kunststoff ABS
max. switching voltage:230 VAC, 50 Hz
max. switching current:Heizen (Klemme 3) 10 (4) A, Kühlen (Klemme 1) 5 (2) A,
mechanical range setting:yes
Medium:Luft, nicht aggressiv
min. switching voltage:230 VAC, 50 Hz
Installation/fastening:Aufputz- / Wandmontage (4-Loch-Befestigung auf UP-Dose)
Surface quality:matt
Control range up to:30
Control range from:5
Control function:Heizen oder Kühlen
Switching element:Bimetallkontakt
Switch: Reduction/heating/reduction via external timer:yes
Switching contact:Umschalter (Wechsler, max. 10 Stellantriebe Ausgang Klemme 3, max. 5 Stellantriebe Ausgang Klemme 1)
Switching power:Klemme 3: 2300 W, Klemme 1: 1150 W
Degree of protection:IP 30
Protection class:II, nach entsprechender Montage
Safety and EMC:gemäß DIN EN 60730
Scale - degrees Celsius:yes
Set point adjuster:yes
Thermal feedback:yes
Ambient temperature up to:30
Ambient temperature from:0
other/similar items:weitere Regler mit Ausgängen für Heizen / Kühlen finden Sie unter Klimatechnik
Accessories:Klemmenleisten: VOORL passende Ventilstellantriebe: ZBOOA-010.100
Permissible atmospheric humidity:max. 95% r. H., nicht kondensierend
Ciruit Diagram: