Made in Germany

… with many advantages for our customers

The SMD machine, also called the “surface-mount device,” is another outstanding technical system which we produce. Even the smallest components can be fitted automatically onto printed circuit boards using this device.
The SMD production line by alre consists of different machines:

  1. a pressure system for automatically applying soldering paste or component adhesive
  2. a fitting system (SMD machine) with 2 placement heads with 5 placement needles per head
  3. a reflow solder system
  4. an AOI Inline System (automatic optic inspection)
  5. Interlinked systems
  6. as well as an AOI Stand Alone System and an integrated repair station


The machine is a component part of the SMD unit and can process 0402 and BGA256 component shapes. Over the course of the last year, over 20,000,000 components have been fitted.


This type of in-house production offers us and our customers many different advantages:

  • High production depth
  • Full quality control
  • Short production times
  • High flexibility
  • Wide spectrum of options for small and large-scale production
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