b@home – intelligent remote control for heating and cooling systems.

With the b@home system, it is possible to control, monitor or reprogramme heating/cooling appliances at any time and from any location. Both new alre wireless systems and existing systems can be controlled via the Internet or the home network by simply using a free app (iOS/Android) or a standard browser on a notebook/PC. The intuitively straightforward control unit permits access to individual rooms as well as central access, thus optimising energy consumption.
On completion of the one-time registration process in the b@home portal, the user can access the wireless system from any location via an https connection. Access is also possible without an Internet connection via WLAN/LAN. The system consists of a b@home gate, which serves as an interface between the alre wireless system and the WLAN/LAN router, together with the optional control unit and the room temperature sensor FTRCUd-210.02, which allows central access to the settings for all channels and heating/cooling zones as well as to the corresponding sensors and actuators.