Art.-No.: JA010300

2-stufiges Kanalhygrostat, mechanisch, 30...100%, Regler, 2xWechsler, 230VAC, 15(8)A, Hyseterse zwischen den Stufen einstellbar 3...15%

Use in ventilation and air-conditioning ducts, climate exposure cabinets and dehumidifiers for control and/or monitoring of the atmospheric humidity in industrial and agricultural applications. Not suitable for aggressive gases. Max. air speed 8 m/s, with sensor protection FS-HI 15 m/s.

Technical Data:

Dimensions of housing:130 x 71 x 67,5 mm
Number of outputs:4
Number, control range:1
Output signal:1. Stufe, Befeuchten, schaltend
Output signal:1. Stufe, Entfeuchten, schaltend
Output signal:2. Stufe, Befeuchten, schaltend
Break point fixed:2. Stufe, Entfeuchten, schaltend
External setting:yes
Output, humidifying:yes
Output, humidifying:yes
Operating voltage:keine
average power consumption:0 W
setting range to:100
setting range from:30
Electrical connection:Schraubklemmen
Output, de-humidifying:yes
Output, de-humidifying:yes
Colour of housing:grau (Unterteil ähnlich RAL 7016, Oberteil ähnlich RAL 7035)
Function type:Regler
Hysteresis:ca. 5 %
Hysteresis between the stages:3...15 %
Hysteresis adjustable between the stages:yes
Storage temperature:-20...+60 °C
Material of housing:Kunststoff ABS
max. switching voltage:230 VAC, 50 Hz (> 24 V nur in trockener Umgebung)
max. switching current:15 (8) A
mechanical range setting:yes
Medium:Luft, nicht aggressiv
min. switching voltage:24 VAC, 50 Hz
min. switching current:150 mA bei 125 VAC
Installation/fastening:Montage am Luftkanal oder Wandmontage mittels Zubehör JZ-20-1
Surface quality:matt
Control range up to:100
Control range from:30
Control function:2 x Be- oder Entfeuchten
Switching element:Mikroschalter
Switching contact:Wechsler
Switching power:3450 W
Degree of protection:IP 65 frontseitig
Protection class:II
Safety and EMC:gemäß DIN EN 60730
Set point adjuster:yes
Tolerance:> 50 %: +/- 3,5 % r.H. < 50 %: +/- 4 % r.H.
Ambient temperature up to:60
Ambient temperature from:0
Factory setting:Hysterese zwischen den Stufen > 6 %
Accessories:JZ-20-1 Wandhalter FS-HI Fühlerschutz FS2-HI PTFE-Filter
Permissible atmospheric humidity:nicht kondensierend
Ciruit Diagram: