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Safety regulations
When handling products, it is important to observe the applicable EU regulations and especially the installation and assembly instructions from the instructions for use.


Notes on technical data
The technical data listed in the catalogue was determined in laboratory conditions according to applicable norms. Only this way can the features be guaranteed. All of the devices and components listed in this catalogue may only be used for their intended purposes. It is the customer’s responsibility to test whether or not the device is suitable for the customer’s intended purpose and the intended conditions of use; we do not assume any liability in this respect.
Changes to products and documentation in the sense of technical progress and continuous improvement may occur at any time and may differ from those given in the catalogue. There is no liability for possible misprints.
A reproduction of this document, even excerpts thereof, is not permitted without the approval of ALRE-IT Regeltechnik GmbH, Berlin.
The place of jurisdiction is Berlin.
This price list is applicable as of 01/01/2015 On this date all previous price lists are no longer valid.
Subject to modifications.


General information


The EU has set itself the goal of making the trade of chemical substances as safe as possible. The basis for this is the mission statement for a “knowledge based economy”. For this, the EU commission has introduced a reorganisation of the chemical policy; REACH. This decree regulates the registering, evaluation and approval of chemicals that are in produced in quantities from 1 t / a in the EU or imported into the EU.

Alre-IT Regeltechnik and its products do not fall under this new decree as we use far less than one ton of chemical substances per year at ALRE.

We can also confirm that all of our products, which fall under the guidelines of RoHS and WEEE (2002 / 96 /EC) conform with these requirements.


Product testing
Information on our declaration of conformity and the different product tests can be found here on our website.