Feel at home
with b@home.
Even when you’re
out and about
With alre b@home you have perfect control over the temperature in your home. You can set the temperature individually for every room, even when you’re not there. Our quick and easy set up as well as intuitive service will win you over immediately. Add free apps without any follow-up costs – a successful innovation from alre.
Smart management on the go
Quality and sustainability
For over 40 years, alre products have been helping customers use energy sensibly and in doing so, help protect resources. Our concepts are made for the future. That’s why our products need to be as durable and high quality as possible.
That’s what we call sustainable!
Quality and sustainability
Made in Germany –
here in the capital
Our company, alre, has always been based in Berlin. Founded here in 1969, we literally are ‘Made in Germany’. Because we don’t just develop and design here, we also still do a large amount of manufacturing right here in Berlin. We see it as our duty to meet high demands for comfort, while still using our resources sustainably. Berlin is the perfect location for this.
Made in Germany – here in the capital
When it gets too hot, we can help
Rooms and buildings can be adjusted to meet your needs using smart technology, to make you as comfortable as possible. Solutions from alre are easy to operate and extremely convenient. That way, you feel at home and you also get to protect the environment.
alre temperature controller for all your needs.
When it gets too hot, we can help

Product Catalogue 2015

The 2015 product catalogue – as informative as ever and with a new look. Here, you can find all of our products and a wide range of information – from tips and tricks to contact-partners.


Protecting the environment

concerns us all because the conditions we need to exist are dependent on how we treat our environment and how we use modern technology. We see this as a managerial task.



Change the temperature of buildings and at home from anywhere and at any time – thanks to alre and b@home, it’s easy. The intuitively easy operation of the b@home app, with the option to …



Here, function and form are in aesthetic unity. With a diverse selection of colours, you can subtly integrate our
controllers into the ambience of the room.

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